Mobile-First strategy for your Brand and Local Business in 2018

New year Greetings.

Search is Local and  your business / brand must consider a very focused digital strategy for 2018.
Search engines still dominate local search at 80 percent usage, compared to 48 percent for social networks, having said that your brand should adapt a rewarding Mobile strategy for search engine and social media in-order to achieve a better brand visibility for the mobile first users.
Your website is the center of your digital marketing exercises — the place that all digital mediums converge. And of course, the largest of its traffic sources is generally organic search. ( Micro Moments are more more increasing and Best is considered a more desired search term ie, Best Mobile Strategy in Cochin )

Website SEO (Search Engine Optimisation ) is fundamental to succeeding online for the majority of local businesses. And the same concepts that fuel focused SEO practices help with regular content updation, social promotion, blogs and all other inbound marketing efforts during festivity / events. Get this wrong and you will certainly fail to hit your digital marketing goals.

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Walk into a supermarket and look for the signs to find what is need to be purchased. Your website is no different. If a user is referred and searches for your brand name / seevice, then they will land on your home page. They then need a signpost to get them to the relevant service / offering. And it had better be easy to find in an easy manner!

We live in a mobile-first age. Sites optimized for search engines should give equal consideration to the mobile layouts of their websites, considering that more than 85% near me, right now search ( Micro Moments, term by GOOGLE ). Google Says more searches now on Mobile than on Desktop
(an upward trend in 2018)
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To create a truly mobile-friendly design and maximize results from mobile search, you must think of the needs and wants of mobile users. What a user will do on a mobile phone is often far different from what they will do on a computer.

Talk to our Creative Technologist today to find out the emerging digital trend to achieve great results for your brand / business?

Have a fab year ahead and Be more Awesome!
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