A comprehensive guide to effective and measurable branding strategy( successful Brand and Local Business)

Quick Guide on successful practice building and more happy customers ( definite guide + in-depth knowledge for success )

we’ve got a whole slew of regional and national Television channels, millions of web sites and hundreds of thousands of Mobile Apps. Whereas in last decade, we had only handful of regional television channels, some radio stations, a few top magazines and a newspaper or two in each demographic. On present day, Digital Marketers have to seamlessly integrate a whole new range of skills and capabilities to build brand experiences that guarantee customer engagement.
Brand Consideration
Use cross-channel audience insights (such as interests and intent, in addition to demographics) to reach people who are aligned to your brand / Local business at their most engaged moments.

Brand Awareness
Raise awareness among a broad set of qualified customers across TV and digital — while ensuring quality of reach, maintaining brand safety, and minimizing duplication.

There is a tendency for marketers to attempt to create a “one size fits all” approach for a portfolio of brands or, want to formulate complicated models that justify marketing objectives as preferred alternative..
83% of marketers consider a strong content strategy, very effective in increasing business revenue. This is a significant increase from the 74% last year. 
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How to get 228.5% more brand awareness in 21 days ? ( in-depth knowledge for success )
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mobile first strategy
mobile devices will account well over 80% of all internet usage in 2018. The key is understanding medium usage behavior then adjusting priorities in content delivery and brand positioning to seize digital opportunities. Interactive and engaging visual content, chat-bots, storytelling and increased personalization will dominate the content marketing.

Identify, Evaluate and Activate 
  • a dedicated team to identify emerging opportunities
Emerging Opportunities
  • In the digital age, brands are no longer mere assets to be leveraged, but communities of belief and purpose.
Decouple Strategy and Innovation
  • strategy and innovation are often grouped together because they are both perceived as things that “smart people” do. 
Build Open Assets in the Marketplace
Today, effective promotional campaigns are less likely to lead to a sale and more likely to result in an Internet search. building brand awareness and walking away is likely to enrich your competition than your brand / local business.
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