Integrated Customer Experience Strategy will redefine your Brand's Success in 2018

Organizational Success Starts With An Integrated Customer Experience Strategy

Organisations / Brands worldwide are investing a great deal of efforts, time and budget into optimising their customer experience. Customer interaction with a business now involves various touch-points in eco-system thrives on Digital Era, hence Customer experience is an emotional concept.

The best way to integrate fruitful customer experience into every facet of the Local Business / Brand's day-to-day operations, business entities should have a strategy with following points,
     (i)   Define customer experience
     (ii)  Map the customer journey
     (iii) Connect the journey with the experience

It is important to define customer experience in measurable terms – as a composite of different variables (touch points) that impact the Brand Strategy. These measurable targets should become a key part of the focus objectivity, such as customer retention.

What sets brand apart ?
Digital disruptions have changed the way we communicate with each other—and especially how brands communicate with its customer base. Companies can no longer hide behind a well-constructed marketing campaign or influencers.
Customers now interact with a Brand through physical stores, websites, social media and PWA (progressive web application)

Entity Search
Google’s Entity Search helps users access the information they’re looking for right in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Mobile users do not have to navigate through organic and paid listings to find refined results on revamped SERP.
The Entity Search feature is now focused on providing personalized search results based on user’s browser/device search history, preferences and connections from Google services, such as Gmail and Google+ account.

Check these results to understand how a brand's efforts to stay on top of Google Ranking.
(i) .    India's Best Online Appointment
(ii).    Inda's best Mobile Appointment
(iii).   India's best appointment platform
(iv).   India's best online faq
(v).    Best Brand Strategist  

Today, a must-have of every major digital strategy initiates a 1:1 personalization to satisfy your prospects with instant gratification. To accelerate this drive, consider these trends, that are evolving and gaining momentum..
a).   Digital eco-system
b).   Voice search
c).   Digital assistants
d).   Visual Seach
e).   AI and machine learning

Google’s deep learning algorithm, is also expected to affect the search landscape soon.

There is no shortage of Internet advice on improving your rankings by various link building exercises, speeding up your website and social media campaigns?
But ever wonder how to "Collaborate" with best Brand Strategist to achieve sustainability for your esteemed brand?

66% of marketers say, improving SEO and growing their organic presence is their top Digital Marketing priority of 2018.

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