Leverage Your Content Marketing Strategy and Secure the best Online Visibility in 2018

Leverage Your Content Marketing Strategy and secure the best Online Visibility.

Marketing starts before there is a product.
Marketing is the homework the company does to figure out what people need and what the company should deliver

Since the emergence of Growth hacking, it has spawned an abundance of myths.
Some of those myths have fueled the objections of misinformed observers, leading to critiques of growth hacking.So to say it is more-than demand generation. However, growth is the responsibility of a true marketer.

Growth hacking addresses marketing goals but it’s not only driven by marketing strategy, but from design to engineering to user engagement. Sustainable growth has to be built on a data-centric strategy that position product / service and user experiences first.
The ability to overlap and push for compelling creatives, measurable ways to accomplish the growth, by blending core deliverables of marketing team and the sales team and the product management team.
How to dive deeper in to consumer engagement and business value through the innovative and responsible use of data-driven marketing? Educating today’s marketers to grow and lead marketing organizations in the increasing omni-channel world for better acceptability on Growth Hack.
Growth hacking is based on applying a mindset for cross-functional pursuit, and it is not the exclusive responsibility of any single team or specialty or deliverable.

To attract the attention of the consumer, the best approach is called disruption.
Get to know one of the founding principles of most modern digital marketing, the AIDA Model ( Attention, Interest, Desire (or decision) and Action)
how it has been used effectively in Digital marketing, and Integrated design.

creating brand awareness or affiliation with product or service.
( How to make buyers aware of products or services? What is outreach strategy? )

  • The more you understand your desired audience, the better you will be at gauging the impact.
The ability for the marketer or communicator to grab the customer's attention is integral for effective brand communication and product reach.
( What makes product or service desirable? ) Determine exactly what your customer desires
Move the buyer to interacting with your company and taking the next step
( which marketing channel / platform to use and how to engage ?)
Develop strong marketing strategies to attract the best customers, because 80 percent of your revenue will come from 20 percent of your customers

In Google, the battle ground for attention is the search engine result pages (SERPs).
How to capture our audiences attention when they are scanning a SERP ?
  • Domain names got more attention then other parts of the search listing
  • Listings with authorship are more powerful at drawing attention
  • Listings with keywords at the beginning of titles got more attention then those with keywords in the middle or at the end.
Effective marketing strategy to help capture audiences attention, generate interest, propagate desire and promote effective actions ?


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