Why multi-channel digital marketing, is the top priority for brand / Local Business today?

“ Multi-channel marketing is the implementation of a single strategy across multiple interfaces of engagement, resulting in maximized opportunities for potential customer interaction ”
Consistent brand message as well as consistent quality of content, service, and customer experience across all engagement point is the essential factors of your brand success. prospective customers should get a brand familiarity at every turn of the sales funnel to build a trustworthy brand engagement. Today it is viable to engage with low budget allocation yet you can implement multi-channel digital marketing strategies.

The right ingredients for content marketing strategy?

Content marketing is creating, publishing and promoting branded content to engage your target customers through awareness, engagement and loyalty.
Marketing activities become scattered and unfocused when it run without an effective strategy for engagement, be it digital or conventional mediums.

Determine the goals for effective content marketing exercises
  • Lead generation
  • Expansion of customer-base
  • Brand outreach
  • Reputation building
  • Brand loyalty
Today's brand challenge : target prospect expectation vs delivery
understand the audience and customer journey to push the right content needs to be in align for better impacts and conversions.

A systematic measure of campaign effectiveness will only make brand more successful.

define social media listening (Social media listening is a discovery and measurement protocol)
 “Listening” allows to listen to online conversations / mentions about brand across social media, and understand about consumer's opinions / experiences / loyalty for betterment.

Measure emotional connections with the brand, customer satisfaction, and brand recognition  equates as qualitative data, which is “intangible “ and quantitative data is the most important for measuring financial information related to brand awareness campaigns.
By combining insights provided by qualitative and quantitative data, brands can identify opportunities for growth, and make adjustments to effective marketing strategy .

Recommendation for a brand that just starting to do social media listening ?
  • Content mining through various topics related to your brand.
  • unravel the perceptions and conversations around your brand.
  • watchful on competitor's categories that of your brand
  • understand key differntiators.
  • Analyse your key goals that would broaden brand sentiment, brand mentions or Competitors vs your brand.
4 Most effective Considerations for your brand / entity.
  • Content Creation And Distribution
  • Visual Content ( 82% of all internet traffic is projected to be video by 2020 )
  • Deep Personalisation
  • Varied Approach
Do you know these compelling information about digital / mobile ecosystem ?

81 million new mobile users in 2016 to 222 million new users in 2017
users are spending 12% of their time browsing on mobile ( 87 hours/month, That's 1,044 hours / year)
9 out of 10 consumers would like to use messaging to talk to brand
48.7 million consumers will opt-in to receive business SMS by 2020
Google owns 96% of mobile search traffic
52% of user said a bad mobile experience made them less likely to engage with a brand.
57% of users say the main reason for not downloading apps is that they don't see a need for them.

Looking for new ideas for your 2018 marketing plan, but aren’t sure what to try? or Increase Acquisition & Revenue for Your Brand ?


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